Thursday, July 7, 2011

So very angry...

   Everyday I wake up, work through the day, and go to sleep at night with one wish: to be a mother. Then the other day I read the verdict everyone has been waiting for on FB...Not guilty. I am of course referring to the Anthony case.
   This bothers me so much, besides the obvious reasons, I pray and cry everyday not being able to have a child on my own, and for someone to throw their baby out like that infuriates me. Whether or not she actually killed her,  which I have my opinion on like everyone else, or if she died accidently like was claimed, she just threw her away.
   I see and know of too many people who have children and do not value them like they should, they don't see the gift they have been given, and that is sad. That is one thing I have learned being in the position I am in, having a child is not a right, it is a gift, and should be treated as such.
   In saying that, I also want to recognize the many mothers and fathers I know who realize what they have, and cherish it everyday. It is mothers and fathers like you that inspire me, and that influence others, including your own children, to become the type of person who is thankful for the blessings they have. These are the women and men who raise their daughters to understand what a real mom and woman is, and their sons to understand what a man is and how he should treat a woman.
   So, tonight as I say my prayers, I will include a thanks for all these mothers and fathers, who show their children and everyone else what it truly means to be a parent. I will also include a prayer for the children who are not cherished like they should be, and that they will find someone in their life that will teach them by showing them the love they deserve. And of course, I will include a prayer for all couples like Billy and I, and all women who find themselves unable to conceive.
   Until next time, all my love and well wishes to you all....

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  1. I couldn't agree more :C And what a beautiful prayer - I need to remember to pray for fellow infertiles more often ♥